Fears Chella – ‘Polaroid’ Single Review

Do you remember that feeling you had when you had your first high school crush? The rush of emotions you had when you saw them. The way that every little thing that they did played on your mind until the moment you fell asleep. You’d count the days left until you’d get to see them again and the only thing that would be on your mind was that specific person.

That’s the way the new Fears Chella record leaves me feeling. It’s an odd analogy but stick with me.

Springing onto the Stoke music scene back in 2016 with ‘Cool’, one of the strongest debuts I think I may have ever heard, Fears Chella left us wanting more. It took them a long time to deliver more, however, when eventually they released two further singles last year titled ‘Girlfriend’ and ‘Lush’.

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But with a tour planned (and postponed due to a “mental studio schedule”) and their popularity rising, Fears Chella are back with new music and it’ll putt the sunshine in your blustery wintery days.

If catchy guitar pop does it for you, then ‘Polaroid’ is most certainly what you need to get your kicks.

Opening with their signature clean-cut guitar sound and Andy Gannon’s distinct vocal style, ‘Polaroid’ begins like a dream. Its lyrical simplicity and almost predictable musical nature are what makes this track stand out from the crowd, allowing you to truly lose yourself in its bubble. The verse breaks like a wave over the chorus, where every single building block can be heard in all of its glory. From Ben Tansey’s foot-stomping drum beat and Tom O’Neill’s understated bass line to Gannon and Dylan Mellor’s overlapping guitar parts, the chorus is the sticking point of ‘Polaroid’.

There’s no complex lyrics to over analyse, nor is there an intricate riff to throw you off course. There’s just three minutes of quality Chella and their developing sound that is quickly maturing into something completely new.

So I return to my earlier analogy of high school crush pop. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a song for kids, although it can be enjoyed by everyone of any age. What it does do is provide you with that rush of feelings you experienced as a loved-up teen, keeps you lingering on every single lyric, then leaves you pining for another drop of whatever it is that has you reaching for the replay button.

Compare ‘Polaroid’ to their debut ‘Cool’ and you’ll hear how this band have sneakily revamped their sound from grungey rock to ear-worm guitar pop. Fears Chella jumped straight into prime position when they arrived on the scene all those months ago and ‘Polaroid’ ensures that they stay there, where they so rightly deserve to be.


Listen for yourself: https://open.spotify.com/track/5XLqqO72icrWXMlKwXayEH?si=h37FpS34TIugujeZkAIVBA

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