The Hubbards – ‘Easy Go’ Single Review

Catchy, creative and irresistible; three words to describe The Hubbards and their music over the last couple of years. 2017 has seen the release of ‘Just Touch‘, a single that nudged them ever closer into the limelight, given them slots at festivals such as Radio 1’s Big Weekend, Great Escape and Dot to Dot and carved out a string of shows and tours that have put them in venues all around the country.

With the recent release of ‘Body Confident‘ still hot to touch, it’s time to delve deeper into this AA side and the second single that accompanies it. ‘Easy Go’ is the parallel opposite to ‘Body Confident’. It’s laid back, softer, yet so obviously belongs on the same page as ‘Body Confident’.

There’s a subtle sadness that pours out of ‘Easy Go’ as though it was written after a night out that turned sour. It plods along to the sound of the band’s signature guitar style, which has become such a strong definitive aspect of each of The Hubbards releases. ‘Easy Go’ continues to bubble away under the surface before gradually becoming slightly more twisted as it turns in on itself, leaving vocalist and bassist Rueben Driver screaming into the depths of the song, opening up the layers and peeling back the emotion.

Almost as soon as it rips itself apart does it put itself back together, like the moment after an argument where you can feel every single word hanging heavy in the air. ‘Easy Go’ is the sort of song you’d want to play in that moment, to fill the silence, and to say the things you’re too afraid to say out loud.

The Hubbards have a magical way of joining the dots and ‘Easy Go’ slots in perfectly. Even the music video draws a line of connection with past single ‘Cold Cut’. Listen to any of their music and you’re sure to hear that something that is hidden within every chord sequence and every strum of their guitars.

Who knows what 2018 has to offer for this four-piece, but I know that their journey as a band is far from over. In fact, it may only just be beginning.



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