The Hubbards – ‘Body Confident’ Single Review

When The Hubbards released ‘Just Touch‘, we thought we’d found our favourite single of 2017 and we weren’t the only ones. At the point of writing this, ‘Just Touch’ has been streamed close to 40,000 times on Spotify with their equally as addictive video having just over 13,000 views on YouTube.

Add to that their recent support slots for pop-giants The 1975 and Foals as well as a slot at Radio 1’s Big Weekend and suddenly The Hubbards are a band you wish you’d heard of sooner.

So when word spread that a new single was on the horizon, we knew that we’d be in for a very exciting ride.

‘Body Confident’ is The Hubbards on top of their game. A swirly misty curtain of guitars and bass forms the backdrop of the single, whilst vocalist Reuben Driver instantly welcomes you in with a simple “hey, how’ve you been?”. The song remains like a conversation between Driver and the listener, giving ‘Body Confident’ a casual overall feel that is just as moreish as the song itself.

At the chorus the guitars jump up a notch to lift the song even further, offering the signature Hubbards sound only with the slightest of twists. Driver’s vocals, now harmonised, pulse with the guitar melody they’re perched on, before dropping back down into the second verse and bubbling over into the following chorus.

The Hubbards have a knack for producing catchy earworm-type singles and ‘Body Confident’ is one of them. It oozes modern indie finesse with a confident attitude to go with it and their track history proves that this isn’t a fluke. The four-piece have grown with every release; from ‘Is It Me?’ to ‘Cold Cut’, ‘Born To Fly’ to ‘Just Touch’, their music has developed but the quintessential Hubbards sound has always (sort of) stayed the same.

How far will this band go? You’ll find the answer to that in their music.


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