TMC – ‘End Of The World’ Single Review

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Whether it was EP’s ‘Delusions of Ganja’ and ‘From Scarborough to Akihabara‘, or recent singles ‘The Greek Life‘ and ‘Even Scores‘, you can bet that Stafford-born TMC will have entered your life in one musical form or another in the last 12 months. If not then you’re about to be educated, so sit up, listen and prepare to be entertained.

TMC (also known as Twerking Men’s Club), primarily consisting of brothers Robert Haubus and Lewis Haubus and siblings Sophie Bret Tasker and Jack Tasker, have just released their third single in a series of Droma Records releases and everything I thought I knew about the band and what they’re about, has gone flying out of the window.

‘End Of The World’, released at the beginning of October, is glorious – at least, that’s how it concludes anyway. It begins like any other TMC track, although slightly less lo-fi and a little more epic rock anthem. Robert Haubus’ lone vocals play out over a single guitar melody, giving the feeling of possibly something rather significant to come before a crashing drum rhythm reveals the bare bones of the track; guitars, bass, drums and vocals, swirling together in an organised chaotic bubble.

It’s not until you reach the middle of the song that you realise that ‘End Of The World’ isn’t like any other TMC release to date. Thanks to a little help from their friends – a choir made up of local music icons and friends Nixon Tate, Gary Wilcox and Rich Greene, violin and vocals from Laura Ellement and piano and viola from Matt Plant – TMC pull off possibly one of their best singles to date. It’s dramatic, climatic, bold and beautiful, like the end of an era and the start of a new one. ‘End Of The World’ is the song they play in movies, right before the credits roll, giving the feeling that quite literally anything could happen next.

Maybe that’s what TMC intended when they penned this three minutes and forty-seven seconds of triumph, but more likely it spawned from the dark depths of Robert Haubus’ creative mind – the one that helped to give ‘The Greek Life’ such a hard-hitting meaning.

But ‘End Of The World’ isn’t ‘The Greek Life’, nor is it any of the other tracks that have gone before it. Whether or not it signals a change in direction for the band is unconfirmed, but what it does do is leave you wanting more. If music is the drug, then you’ve just found your new addiction.



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