Fears Chella – ‘Lush’ Single Review

Although Fears Chella have only released two singles since the formation of the band over 12 months ago, they’ve somehow managed to create a whirling frenzy of excitement and anticipation, that can only be produced by a band who are destined for good things. This self-produced buzz can be felt like static, whether you’re watching them live on stage or listening to their brand new single ‘Lush’.

‘Lush’ is a sexy, sweaty, hazy, dream-like song, sticky with a thick coating of 100% free range Chella. It’s another step away from their debut hit ‘Cool’, a sideways lunge from previous release ‘Girlfriend’ and an altogether fresher version of the band, who’ve spent much of 2017 refining and defining their own branded sound.

Beginning much like ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Lush’ opens with a distant synthy hum, before diving straight into a gooey guitar riff that dances through the intro like waves on a shore. Before long you’re hit with the familiar sound of Andy Gannon’s vocals, that have become as much a part of the band as the members themselves. Gannon gives the band that extra edge within the emerging music scene; he sings with ease, effortlessly painting pictures of love and the fall that comes before it, like no other.

‘Lush’ continues to make you swoon. Even the chorus is perfect pop goodness, short and simple, with just enough words to have you singing along by the next time it comes around. And then there’s the interlocking guitar parts, the undercurrent bass that moves with the flow and the drums that carve out the winding path of the single. There are moments where I’m convinced I can hear The Cure in their ‘Disintegration’ days, although only for the briefest of seconds before I’m back in the ‘Lush’ bubble.

If there’s one thing that Fears Chella are good at, it’s creating some of the finest singles around. And although it may be true that the band could (and definitely should) release more music more frequently, there’s something about their drawn-out releases that have you climbing the walls for more, meaning that when they do finally give you those three minutes of aural bliss, you’re more than ready to accept them.


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