Psyence – ‘Black Hole’ Single Review

When Psyence released their EP, the band appeared to be kings of the world. After a build up like no other, a teaser track that didn’t even feature on the finished record and shows across the country, ‘A New Dawn’ was a truly astonishing coming together of tracks. It was trippy, psychedelic rock, with a modern and sometimes slightly indie twist to it. The riffs were immense, the bass lines and chocolatey synth accompaniments seemed to last forever and the drums smashed holes through your speakers. Whatever followed ‘A New Dawn’ had a lot to live up to.

So when Psyence contacted me with a preview of their brand new single, I stopped what I was doing and pressed play almost immediately.

‘Black Hole’ is beastly. It floods my headphones with every kind of sound and almost immediately I’m sky-high, floating in the abyss. There’s a million and one levels to it and they’re hard to truly appreciate with just one listen, but I’ll attempt to describe a handful of them here.

The first is a synth soaked fast paced opener, with Stephen Pye’s drawn out vocals cushioned by the reverberating guitars that rev hastily in the background. As you enter the second level the whole track picks up pace, like a Ford Mustang on an open road. A silky smooth guitar riff weaves its way through the middle of the mush, occasionally overlapping with Pye’s vocals and often dampening their velocity. As you begin to run out of road the song veers right, causing you to free fall for the briefest of moments, before crashing into the chorus at full speed and continuing on.

The whole thing is filthy; the guitars, the synth solo, Pye’s vocals that seem to go on and on, the abrupt and unexpected ending and the way that Psyence can release so much heart-racing hair-raising music in the space of 12 months.

If you want to escape your world for a short while (and let’s face it, who doesn’t sometimes?), ‘Black Hole’ is your key to the door.




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