Puppet Theory – ‘I, The King’ Single Review

At the beginning of June, emerging rock quartet Puppet Theory released their brand new single ‘I, The King’, alongside a music video with a story to tell.

The Manchester based band are on an exciting journey through the music industry, as they snake their way through packed out live shows and festival appearances. ‘I, The King’ is a further development of the sound they’ve already worked hard to create, with production level at an all time high. It’s the sound of a band who’ve just stepped up their game, justifying their recent rubbing of shoulders with popular emerging bands Cabezudos and Affairs.

‘I, The King’ hits you at full speed from the very moment you press play – and it rarely slows up. Frontman Chris Pickering’s distinct vocal style makes Puppet Theory stand out from the crowd and ‘I, The King’ is no exception. The catchy chorus punches through the music, making sure that you don’t forget this band easily.

But by far my most favourite part of the track is the brief instrumental that follows the second chorus. The pain and desperation bleeds through each instrument and, similar to that of Sam Lyon’s ‘Constellations’, without even a single word sung, Puppet Theory manage to express a bucket load of emotion through music alone. Amplified even more so by the mini-drama of the accompanying music video, ‘I, The King’ quickly goes from being a catchy 3-minute earworm to a rollercoaster ride of a song.

With recent gigs at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield and Islington’s O2 Academy, as well as the promise of more new music in the very near future, it’s clear that Puppet Theory are onto something rather good. Although ‘I, The King’ is not their debut, it certainly seems like the start of something new for Puppet Theory, a band with so much more to bring.

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