EXCLUSIVE: TASKRZ release ‘Seasons’ in memory of Chris Cornell.

When TASKRZ formed over five years ago, they were formed from a mutual love and appreciation of music, in particular bands such as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and Nirvana.

As a brother and sister duo, Jack and Sophie Bret Tasker grew up listening to the sounds of early nineties Seattle, Washington giving them the perfect platform to springboard their band.

And so when news spread of Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell taking his own life, it seemed that something within the pair of them had passed on too. Maybe it was their childhood; a sudden realisation of the end of youth, confirmed only by his death. Or maybe it was the way in which an idol, someone whom they’d known for their entire lives, had been unable to find peace with his world.

“When we heard the awful news about Chris Cornell earlier this summer we were saddened at the loss of an inspiration, but more importantly for the pain that his friends and family would be experiencing,” explained Jack Tasker. As a way to combat these emotions, TASKRZ have paid their respects in the only way they know how.

Chris Cornell’s ‘Seasons’ is a breathtaking song with poetic thought provoking lyrics and the TASKRZ interpretation of this is just so. The track itself is a near enough copy of the original, except there’s an overbearing feeling of emotion and purity that isn’t present in Cornell’s. Supported only by a single acoustic guitar, skillfully strummed by Jack Tasker’s magician-like hands, ‘Seasons’ does things to you that are truly indescribable.

Sophie Bret Tasker’s crystal clear vocals are warmer than we’ve ever heard them, as they ooze seductively into the cracks of the song. Between this and UTC’s Tom Bath’s expert mixing and mastering of the track, TASKRZ’s nod to their hero is an honest and beautiful snapshot of everything he meant to them.

The very nature of ‘Seasons’ leaves you feeling as though you’ve taken a journey within the song and this recording is a moving tribute, to someone who was instrumental in the formation of the TASKRZ we know and love.

It’s sad to think that Chris Cornell will never know how much he meant to bands like TASKRZ, the memories his music has soundtracked and the bands and creative projects that have formed from his existence on this earth.


‘Seasons’ is available to download for free at the link below.


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