Spilt Milk Society – ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ Single Review

Spilt Milk Society are hiding something wonderful in their new single and it takes a few listens to work out exactly what that something is. Concealed by a hazy far-off guitar melody, eerie electronic backing and that secret reworked and reused ingredient, that makes ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ fall effortlessly into your heart, Spilt Milk Society have made sure that we don’t forget their name anytime soon.

‘She Tastes Like Summer’ makes for addictive listening; whether it be the perfectly rounded summer slant on the song or the simple easy-to-remember and hard-to-forget lyrics, this track has it all.

It’s hard to make an overcrowded genre entirely your own and indeed, it should hardly be attempted, yet somehow, with this release, it seems that the Midlands based five-piece are taking what they know and running with it – in their own direction.

It’s the moment when you realise that ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ has been cleverly crafted to represent a kiss between two lovers, that things really start to fall into place. Sheffield indie rockers The Crookes spring instantly to mind within the first few moments, as the song begins sombrely and simple. The emotion can be heard in the crisp vocals of Harry Handford, as he pours a piece of his heart directly into the bloodstream of the track. Fireworks begin to shoot up into the sky as ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ reaches its peak, with a melody that could define a thousand summers and break a hundred hearts.

And just when you feel as though you couldn’t get much higher, the song crashes down nearly as suddenly as it rose up, leaving you with the lingering lyrics of “summer and love fade away”.

Spilt Milk Society have the bones of a band who could have it all and ‘She Tastes Like Summer’ is the strongest example of this to date. With interest from BBC Introducing, sold out headline shows at The Sunflower Lounge and Birmingham’s O2 Institute and a recent performance at The Great Escape Festival, Spilt Milk Society are almost certainly ones to watch.


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