Sam Lyon – ‘Constellations’ Single Review

Last month, Cheshire based singer/songwriter Sam Lyon released her brand new single ‘Constellations’ alongside a video that is bound to have you more invested than a soap opera drama.

As with the majority of Lyon’s work, ‘Constellations’ takes you on a musical journey that pulls on your heart-strings and claws at your emotions. Setting the scene with a simple finger-picked guitar melody and Lyon’s tender feathery-light vocals, landing softly on top, ‘Constellations’ has you hooked.

Add to this, the almost perfect accompanying video that plays on the phrase “there’s someone out there for everyone” and it’s hard not to feel somewhat attached to the song, as Lyon searches desperately for her matching constellation – the final piece of the puzzle.

One of my favourite parts of ‘Constellations’ is the inclusion of the lengthy instrumental section, which says more than any written word ever could. The change in tempo and additional instruments, that fall back into place as the song reaches its final few minutes, paint striking images in your mind. Sometimes, it’s the things we don’t say, rather than the things we do, that resonate the most and Sam Lyon executes this spectacularly.

‘Constellations’ is five minutes and eight seconds of pure delight. It’s personal, it’s emotional and it makes you question if true love exists. But more than anything, it demonstrates the full extent of Sam Lyon’s talent and musical ability and has you falling for her music, from the very first note.



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