Larkins – ‘Sugar Sweet’ Single Review

When Larkins released ‘Wasted Years’ back in March, we were sure we had them all figured out. They’d just sold out the Gorilla in Manchester and the release of the single only seemed to confirm what we already knew; Larkins were onto a good thing.

Shortly after, the band headed out to Europe for a few live dates overseas, before returning back to the UK and falling, almost instantly, into a string of shows across the country. And to quench our thirst for new music, they provided us with a souvenir from their travels; their brand new single ‘Sugar Sweet’.

If you were to slice ‘Sugar Sweet’ in two, you’d find indie-pop goodness flowing right down to its core.

Admittedly at first listen, I was caught off guard by the higgledy piggledy chords overlaid by the acoustic guitar in the verses and a question suddenly popped into my head. What if I don’t like it? I’m not sure what I was expecting; maybe a standard electric guitar melody ripped straight from a mainstream manufactured charts band? It’s not uncommon for a rising band to lose their grip on the sound they’ve worked so hard to refine, as they begin to make waves within the music industry.

But Larkins are different and that’s what makes them interesting. It only took me 25 seconds to remember that and that’s when the musical brilliance of ‘Sugar Sweet’ took over.

single cover-01

It’s disguised as your typical ear-worm pop track: a simple upbeat melody, hooky chorus and addictive sugary-sweet (pardon the pun) structure. But delve deeper and you’ll see that this is a cleverly crafted return to their musical roots. It’s not a meaningless three-minute indie-pop song, written to get you hooked (although I’m sure that’s what will happen). It’s a song with a purpose and the lyrics more than prove that.

In fact every little piece of ‘Sugar Sweet’ has been carefully placed, such as the ingenious inclusion of the crashing bridge section, that momentarily flips the entire song on its head. It’s so good it could be a separate song all together.

‘Sugar Sweet’ pushes Larkins further than any track they’ve released to date. Their recently announced Band On The Wall headline show in their hometown of Manchester, says it all. This is a band with a sound that is impossible to ignore and a bubbling momentum that’s bound to sweep you off your feet.