Spotlight on Plastic: the band you wish you were in. 

Plastic are unapologetically grunge. They’re everything you loved about the 90’s, before hair-curtains, combat trousers and Tony Blair rained on your parade.

Last year, after the release of ‘Drowned In You’, we boldly declared that 2017 would be the year of Plastic, a claim that we still stand by to this day. Six months into the year and with a string of exciting shows behind and ahead of them, Plastic have dropped their brand new single and it is beautiful.

The Winsford four-piece released ‘Flossing’ last month, alongside a trippy and frankly insane music video (more on that later) and so far, it seems as though things are rosy. “It’s been fantastic yeah! The best reaction we’ve had from anything we have done so far,” Plastic frontman Matty Awbrey tells me.

“We planned to put all of this out properly, so a lot more time has been invested in the release of everything we’re putting out off this album.” The band have made no secret of the fact that their debut album will be dropping later this year, with ‘Flossing’ being the first single released from that.

But like all great songs, there is always a lightbulb moment, a single flame, that sparks the creation of the track. For Plastic, it seems that ‘Flossing’ formed out of convenience; another piece of the album shaped puzzle. “The words aren’t really about anything. They were just a collage of the themes almost, that are within the record in terms of content. I think bands like Weezer and Green Day were a big thing on the songs we have written, but we just wanted them [the songs] to be a little uglier so we could still do other things.”


As well as ‘Drowned In You’, in December last year, the band teamed up with friends and fellow grunge comrades Brine, to produce a split EP titled ‘The Light, The Dark & The Overwhelming Nothing‘. Both bands released two songs either side of the title track, which saw Brine and Plastic merge to become BRINASTIC.

But in comparison to both the single and combined EP, ‘Flossing’ sounds a lot more sure of itself. It’s a further development for the band and one that Awbery recognises too. “Yeah, I completely agree, especially next to Drowned in You. In terms of the split, those two songs were supposed to be on the album but we just decided we would write more.”

After the green light was given from Brine to go ahead with the release, Plastic decided to up their game. “I think [it] pushed us even more to bring our A game, because it was difficult letting go of those songs. Especially when you have a vision of how an album is meant to sound!”

“I think I have gotten way better at writing songs, but that’s because I’ve learnt loads from Elliot [Bird] (guitarist) since he developed the confidence to do so. We are both very different in how we think. I used to be a bit of control freak.” Together, Bird and Awbery create a strong songwriting team, something that Awbery is proud to admit. “I am good at writing verses, choruses, vocal melodies and hooks. Elliot is good at making sure everything I do isn’t becoming boring. Elliot pays a lot more attention to detail. I tend to write the darker songs, he tends to write the more upbeat punk sounding ones.”

‘Flossing’ premiered on Pure Grain Audio last month, with a music video that is very nearly indescribable. It’s funny, it’s random and it’s nothing less than you’d expect from Plastic, who make being in a band look extremely cool. “The story behind that video is so last minute. The day before, we went to record the most serious music video in the world, for what was going to be the first single. Our van on the day had broken down so we couldn’t make it to the location”, recalls Awbrey. “In our natural fashion, once we looked at each other and said “well what do we do with our day now?”, we decided to go and drink all day.”

“I think on the day the van broke I realised a friend of mine was moving out of their house soon and we had time booked to record the second single video the next day. My friend was kind enough to let us use his place in the end.”

What the video demonstrates is Plastic’s refusal to take themselves too seriously, with Awbery commenting that “there are two sides to this band. There is some serious as hell stuff on the album, but we aren’t serious people!”

Details of their new album are thin on the ground, but what we do know is that ‘Flossing’ will be on there and it will be mega. We pressed Matty for details, but he remained tight lipped. “The album is so broad, but it all sounds like ‘us’. We have gotten really good at that without sounding ‘samey’, like a lot of bands who think too much into ‘what they are’ do. I would love to share whatever is next but we are in the process of discussing that between ourselves and the PR company we are working with.”

Releasing an album is a very brave thing to do, for a band who are still finding their feet. But for Plastic, it seems that an album is exactly what they need. It’s a sink or swim scenario, but with Awbery’s passion and the rest of the band’s determination, I think they’ve got a pretty good chance of survival.