Camens – ‘Redolence’ Single Review

Waiting for Camens to release new music is a bit like waiting for a bus; you wait for what seems like forever and just when you’re about to give up hope, two arrive at the same time.

We waited for far longer than we should have done for Camens to bring us something new to get our teeth into, before they finally delivered unto us ‘Boys Will Stray’. With a new name and a refreshingly positive outlook on their future as a band, Camens rose from the ashes of their former selves, triumphant and ready to rock. Two months on and the boys are back with ‘Redolence’, their brand new single.


‘Redolence’ is the perfect soundtrack to your summer adventures. Whether it’s long drives in the sunshine, road trips to far off towns or just sitting in your back garden with a cold beer and a few good friends, Camens have it all sorted. Let the band be your tour guide as you nostalgically snake through the song, beginning at the stripped-back slow-building introduction. Once the beat kicks in and the clean tone of the electric guitar falls comfortably into place, that’s when ‘Redolence’ really comes into its own.

It’s the sound of a band who are confident with the music they’re making, something that can be hard to achieve, as Camens know all too well. In order to make music of this standard, you need to believe that what you’re producing is the best thing you’ve ever produced and everyone else in the band should feel that too. Only then can you record something as first-class as ‘Redolence’.

I can sleep easy at night, safe in the knowledge that Camens are back and better than ever. The four-piece from Stoke-on-Trent have released two singles this year, both of the same high-standard and although it’s extremely hard to remain at that level with every release, I have every confidence that they will give it their all.


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  1. Great review, I expect nothing less. Good lads, brilliant band, great sound. Having seen them several times, they never disappoint. ‘Redolence’ is a great live and will be a fantastic single. All the best Camens.

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