Heir – ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ Single Review

How do you like your alt-pop in the morning? Slow building? Addictive? Catchy enough to make you want to dance like nobody’s watching? Well, look no further. We’ve discovered a brand new band and we’re pretty sure you’re going to love them.

Heir are a five-piece alt-pop band from Leeds. Having spent the last 12 months refining and defining their own original sound, as well as bagging themselves support slots with artists such as The Dunwells and Karima Francis, Heir are now very sure of who they are and the sound they want to produce.

Their current single ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ is enough to push them into the hearts and minds of music lovers everywhere, as it showcases everything that the band have to offer. Reminiscent only to that of Haim’s early work, ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ offers a fresh and relatively modern take on the classic 80’s synth-pop sound. There’s so much to the song and you hear more with every listen; their crisp harmonies, the rising silky synth backing, how the track builds with every verse, the funky low-key guitar interlude – all of which, when combined, make ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ the perfect track to help you daydream of your summer holiday.

‘I’ll Pick You Up’ carries the same groove that previous single ‘Be Somebody’ is heavily coated in, although ‘I’ll Pick You Up’ is slightly more electronic and far more infectious and fun-sounding. ‘Be Somebody’ is a spectacular track on its own though, spiralling into itself like a kaleidoscope of sound, breaking like musical waves on the shore. Heir are masters of their own sound and these two releases prove it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-14 at 17.49.49.png

Heir have an exciting future ahead of them. Fresh off the back of a single release tour, which took them overseas to Belgium and the Netherlands, the band can now look forward to the next chapter in their musical journey and you should definitely join them for the ride.