Camens – ‘Boys Will Stray’ Single Review

When LazyEye released ‘Katie Jones’ in October 2015, it seemed like they were heading for the heights of stardom. Signing to American label Spectra and with a rapidly growing fanbase surrounding them, LazyEye were following the path that many local bands could only ever dream of treading. But after a pause in musical proceedings and the tragic loss of their beloved manager and friend Kelvin Knight, the four-piece retreated into hibernation, stepping away from the music for an unknown amount of time.

Whilst outsiders feared the worst for the future of the band, behind the scenes, Scott Powell, James Corbishley, Luke Brightmore and Josh Egan, were reinventing themselves. With a new name, new manager and new music ready to be released into the ether, the band emerged from their cocoon as Camens.


Their debut single ‘Boys Will Stray’ offers an exciting first taste of this new band, whose frontman’s extensive musical history is as admirable as their commitment to releasing quality new music. It’s the sound of a band who know who they are and where they want to be. Scott Powell’s familiar vocal style covers every inch of the track, reminding you that this is still the same talented bunch of musicians, who released the iconic ‘I’m A Stone’.

Although this is a clean slate for Camens – and it certainly feels like you’re hearing them for the very first time – there’s something in ‘Boys Will Stray’ that transports you back to their roots; a rock track, with a hooky chorus destined for popularity (and audience participation) in their live set. It’s very much on the mark in terms of quality of recording too, emitting a very professional sound to accompany their serious approach to making music.

With a brand new music video released only a few days ago, slots at Latitude Festival, Boardmasters and Green Man Festival, as well as the promise of more new material to come, Camens are by far one of the most exciting bands on the scene at the moment.


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