Oli Ng – ‘Run and Hide’ Single Review

When Oli Ng won best EP at the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire, for his release ‘Into The Dark’, he was both shocked and extremely grateful. It seemed as if everyone around him already knew he’d win, but Ng himself was left stunned and slightly taken aback. Having left his day job to pursue his music more seriously, something that was quite obviously the right choice to make, it was clear that Oli Ng was in this for the long haul. And just to prove his seriousness he’s delivered unto us a brand new single, that could potentially knock his previous releases to the side.

Released on 31st March, ‘Run and Hide’ is by far the strongest release of Ng’s to date. That’s not to say that ‘Into The Dark’ was by any means a musical flop, as his MASC win proves, but there’s something about ‘Run and Hide’ that feels different and exciting. It’s certainly the most pop sounding single that Oli Ng has ever released, making it easy to fall for and even easier to sing along to. A catchy chorus and a well-rounded melody, stamped with his signature Springsteen inspired sound, places ‘Run and Hide’ quite firmly into your heart.

But Ng is more than just a singer/songwriter pop-sensation. His lyrics are extremely emotive, even more so in B-side ‘Worlds Apart’, where Ng tackles the subject of homelessness, painting the picture of a homeless busker trying to make his way in the world. It’s a tough subject to take on, but one that Oli Ng handles beautifully. His lyrics have the power to end wars, inspire peace and soundtrack a thousand stories, something that many try and fail to achieve, yet Ng does so effortlessly.

Featuring Heidi Browne on backing vocals and Roger Keay on smooth saxophone, ‘Run and Hide’ is a real gem of a track. It’s the Oli Ng we’ve always known, but with an air of maturity that we were yet to hear in his music. Can Oli Ng ever produce a bad song? I believe the answer is no, but as he continues to expand and explore his sound in the coming months, only time will tell as to where this path will take him.


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