Maddy Storm – ‘To The Sun’ Single Review

Maddy Storm is a force to be reckoned with. Her debut single ‘To The Sun’, released at the end of last month and launched with a gig at Jimmy’s, Manchester, less than a week ago, stamps her firmly into the musical map and into your mind too.

But don’t be fooled into thinking that Storm is your typical female singer/songwriter. ‘To The Sun’ is by far the darkest debut to have graced my ears this year, meaning that if you’re yet to hear any of Maddy Storm’s music, you’ll probably be left feeling haunted and slightly terrified. But once you’ve overcome your fear of the spine-chilling minor key, you’ll begin to appreciate this truly mesmerising debut.

The track creeps up on you, with just a single reverberated guitar and Maddy’s tender vocals, floating around in a whirl of mystery and rising tension. But that doesn’t last for long, as a cymbal crescendo marks the start of your nightmares, getting you acquainted with the hidden power that Maddy possesses. A drum beat, like a tribal thud sending an army into war, underpins ‘To The Sun’, as swirls of guitars shoot up like fireworks, over and over again, keeping Storm’s vocals at the forefront. Not once does she get lost in the track, however. Her extraordinary range and vocal strength stand out on their own, as being one of the obvious driving forces behind ‘To The Sun’, ensuring that you are awestruck until the very end.

‘To The Sun’ is a sizeable debut, from a woman who is kicking the female musician stereotype, right where it hurts. Maddy Storm is more than just a talent; she’s a fireball of feelings, a hurricane of hard hitting melodies and definitely one to watch out for. Make way for Maddy Storm.



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