Don’t Call Me Ishmael – ‘To The Moon’ Single Review

When Don’t Call Me Ishmael released ‘The Provincial Athlete Throws A Race’ in November of last year, I was very excited. It was a mighty return for the band, who had last put out an album nearly a year ago. But it seems that we won’t have to wait that long again, as Gary Wilcox and co. have just launched their brand new single… and it’s a change in direction.

Of course, the four-piece(?), five-piece (?), six-piece(?), continuously growing-piece band are still heading upwards with their sound, but it seems that DCMI are looking to cause controversy. Not in the same way that The Sex Pistols did when they released ‘God Save The Queen’ however, but more in the sense that ‘To The Moon’ is far from where ‘The Provincial Athlete Throws A Race’ left us five months ago.

One of the noticeable differences is that ‘To The Moon’ features the vocal force of Sophie Bret Tasker, towering over the track and standing strong in the light of all of the other key elements of the song. The trumpet, provided by Anthony Vukic, and the viola from Matt Plant, dance around each other, setting the mood for this relatively sombre song. I’m still holding out for an upbeat release from DCMI, but it appears they just keep getting darker with every new song.

Then there’s Jack Tasker, the musical mastermind behind various other releases including TMC, Chris Venables and his own band The Taskers. Playing both bass and guitar in ‘To The Moon’ (but not at the same time), JT injects his usual dose of that secret ingredient, that makes everything he’s involved in sound so incredibly intense.

And, of course, there’s Gary Wilcox, armed with his ukulele, vocals and emotional lyrical content. He writes with passion, extracted freshly from his heart, making you invest in more than just the music, but the story itself. Combine that with SBT’s vocal dominance and you’ve got a track that’s more valuable than even Wilcox would allow himself to admit.

Don’t Call Me Ishmael have done it again, but even stronger this time. ‘To The Moon’ is caked in the classic DCMI sound we were introduced to back when they released their first album, although this time, they’ve broken new ground within their capabilities as a band. With a brand new album now in reaching distance and a number of gigs already penciled into the diary, DCMI have nearly completed their mission. ‘Even when we get there, our story will go on’, sings SBT. She’s not far wrong.


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