The Hubbards – ‘Just Touch’ Single Review

As a society, our need to discover fresh talent and new music is undying. Although we love following the latest musical trends, we’re constantly pining for the next best thing, secretly holding out for someone or something to invest our time in, for longer than just a one off single. Well look no further. I think I may have just found what you’re looking for.

The Hubbards, a four piece grunge/pop band from Leeds, are just waiting to be adored. With a look that seems to have been hand picked from their local vintage clothing shop and a sound that is somewhere between modern day guitar bands and 80’s indie pop, The Hubbards are exactly what you need.


If you need convincing, then you’re in luck. They’ve just dropped their brand new single ‘Just Touch’ and it does all of the talking for itself. The track is two and a half minutes of haze and floaty far off guitars melting into each other, creating a sound that further builds on their debut EP ‘Cold Cut’ released last year.

‘Just Touch’ is the sound of a band who know exactly where they belong and where they rightfully deserve to be. It contains something that makes you want to hear more and thanks to continued support from BBC Radio 1 and 6Music, you’ll probably find that you are hearing more of them in the coming months. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular, deservedly earning themselves support slots with Augustines and The Pigeon Detectives, gaining fans by the minute.

‘Just Touch’ is the answer to your prayers. With a video that leaves you questioning just how they managed to do it and a melody that’s more addictive than caffeine, you can bet that The Hubbards have an interesting year ahead of them. This is one addiction you won’t want to give up.


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