Larkins – ‘Wasted Years’ Single

On the last Saturday of February, Larkins played the biggest show of their career to date. At a sold out show at the Gorilla in Manchester, a 700 capacity venue, the band appeared to blow the roof off the venue, probably leaving everyone with something to go home and think about; the Larkins storm that’s sure to arrive at a venue near you.

Their brand new single ‘Wasted Years’ explains it all. The combination of a funky bass line, cool music video and a knack for writing songs that make it very hard to sit still whilst listening to them, creates a winning formula. Beginning completely stripped back, with Josh Noble’s clean cut vocals slicing through the silence, ‘Wasted Years’ isn’t hard to like. When the beat kicks in, you feel every kind of feeling all at once, as you realise that you’re listening to a band who are definitely worth getting excited about.

2016 saw the Manchester based four-piece kick everything up a gear, playing festivals and introducing more and more people to their sound. It definitely seems to have worked though, as the buzz around Larkins continues to grow ever stronger – much like their music.

‘Wasted Years’ is definitely Larkins’ strongest release yet. It’s the most confident, comfortable and together the band have ever sounded and as their popularity grows and their music flourishes, it’s only a matter of time before they’ll be selling out venues twice the size of the Gorilla.


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