Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire 2017: Preview

On Saturday 11th February at The Kings Hall in Stoke, the second annual Music Awards of Staffordshire & Cheshire will be underway. Consisting of thirteen awards, four live performances and one dashing presenter in the form of Benedict McManus, the MASC 2017 are set to be mega.

At the time of writing this, there are already over 600 people attending the awards night, with only a few balcony tickets remaining. That’s a hell of a lot of musicians and even more local music fans, all turning up to to support their local music scene, which is a big deal on its own. Add to that the fact that thirteen of those will be walking away with an award and you’re left with a pretty exciting night.

All but two of the awards have been voted for by fans of the musicians nominated, which means it’s anyone’s guess as to who’s going to win. The winner of the Best Music Video award has been chosen by a panel of experts, who have spent time assessing each of the eleven entires individually. It’s set to be a truly wonderful night, with plenty of surprises in store for all who attend.

A full list of nominees can be found here, including the extra Christmas Day nominees.

So if you haven’t got your ticket, then what are you waiting for? Final release balcony tickets are only available until 5pm on Friday 10th February from here. After that, you’ll have to grab any remaining tickets on the door. And if all that doesn’t tickle your pickle, a ticket to the awards night grants you free entry to the after show party at The Exchange. Need I say more?

Finally, as someone who is heavily involved with the local music scene, I’d just like to say this. To be nominated is a great achievement, to win an even greater one, but surely the music scene as a whole has already won. The gathering together of a community of hardworking musicians, local music figureheads and adoring local music fans is admirable and something that rarely happens on such a huge scale. May the local music scene forever remain as strong, as inspiring and as supportive as it is today.


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