Thomas & The Empty Orchestra – ‘A More Equal Punishment’

Is there anything more beautiful than a piece of music that makes your heart flutter? That’s the question I found myself asking, after listening to Thomas & The Empty Orchestra’s brand new single. And after careful consideration, I’m not sure that there really is.

‘A More Equal Punishment’ is a truly breathtaking piece of music. It’s simple in its delivery, yet so complex at its root, giving you all kinds of feelings and emotions that only the greatest songs do. With trickling acoustic guitars, that leave images of falling rain in your mind, and the addition of strings and a piano, ‘A More Equal Punishment’ has instrumentation that is heaven sent.

Thomas & The Empty Orchestra is the brainchild of Thomas Bower, dousing the track in a concoction of real emotion and talent. You could easily compare Bower’s style to that of Bon Iver; his vocals jaggedly cutting through the music, occasionally showing their tender side, making you adore and admire him further.

Like a true poet, his words linger on your tongue and in your soul, inviting you to do more than just listen to his music, but to feel it too.

And that’s what you get, when you listen to ‘A More Equal Punishment’; goosebumps, raw feelings and the after effect of hearing something so good, it could quite easily make you fall for Thomas & The Empty Orchestra, within the first minute of listening.






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