Cassia – ‘100 Times Over’

When listening to the new Cassia single it’s easy to forget that its below zero outside, which is most definitely a plus.

If you’re in need of a bit of a winter lift, then pop trio Cassia have the perfect remedy for you. Their brand new single ‘100 Times Over’ does not only instantly transport you to a hot tropical island, through their West African influenced style, but it will also have you smiling from ear to ear, simply because it carries a catchy happy-go-lucky rhythm and guitar riff that makes you want to dance.

Although having only been together for a relatively short period of time, Macclesfield based Cassia carry an experienced sound and one that is both distinctive and irresistible. ‘100 Times Over’ is hard evidence of this. Containing a simple structure and sweet chord sequence, ‘100 Times Over’ keeps you listening to Rob’s vocals and guitar, Lou’s laid back bass and Leff’s foot-tapping drums. You’ll find your hips swaying hula style as you look forward to the summer, dreaming of your grass skirt and cocktail with umbrella. That’s the sort of music Cassia makes.

More than just sunshine and sandals though, Cassia are a band with a sound that cannot be disliked. ‘100 Times Over’ is the perfect track to forget your troubles to and to dance your cares away. Who needs sunshine when you have Cassia in your life?


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