2017 will be the year of PLASTIC.

As the end of the year draws ever closer and the Christmas stress hangs heavy over everyone, most musicians see this time as a chance to step away from their instruments and have a well deserved rest. For Winsford grunge band PLASTIC however, this appears to be the last thing on their minds.

They’re still a relatively fresh band on the scene, which means that their future is bright and their music is extremely exciting. So how and when did they form?

“It was December 2015 just before Christmas,” vocalist and guitarist Matty Awbery tells me. “I had been in a band before that, to put it politelya0601667878_10.jpg, didn’t work out. I knew of Matt (drummer) and Dom (bass) but I didn’t know them properly, so I literally just asked Matt, who I’d seen had been doing some session work, if he wanted to work with me. Elliot (guitar) joined a few months later, just before we recorded our first ex. Drop.”

‘Drop’ was released earlier in the year, featuring three tracks of sure fire grunge. The four piece have since released a brand new single titled ‘Drowned In You’, which was mixed and mastered at Lower Lane Studios, by the talented Sam Bloor, go-to producer for many local bands wishing to get the highest quality recording. ‘Drowned In You’ builds on the sound that the band put out with ‘Drop’, but adds a little bit of extra grunge as well as a secret ingredient, that instantly makes it your new favourite song.

Despite being one of the very few grunge bands of the popular local music scene, their sound comes close to a variety of mainstream bands. Although naturally carrying their own sound and style, who are they actually influenced by?

Failure are always my first answer. They should have been bigger than Nirvana! We went for that whole thing for a while but couldn’t get it – we just ended up sounding like all these Basement cover bands. Once I stopped thinking about what we were as much, our stuff ended up actually relating to Failure, but then the weird bit is some of our stuff sounds like Weezer & Green Day, so my platform of inspiration is just 90s music.”


Whatever their influences, PLASTIC’s sound has gained them a spot next to BRINE on a split record, due for release in December through Backpack Records. “They’re putting it out an tape and we’re putting it out ourselves digitally” says Awbery. How very grunge indeed.

BRINE isn’t the first band you’d think of sticking on a record with PLASTIC, but it seems that Awbery is pretty confident.

“We’ve been friends for a while. We are writing an album and don’t want to go too quiet to everyone else. BRINE had member issues that made them go quiet for a while, so it just worked out. Oddly, our sounds are so different which I think gives people that prefer them or us, a bit more of an opportunity to see a blatant difference”

The difference isn’t strikingly obvious, but it’s enough to distinguish the two when put side by side. It’s an exciting venture and one that is sure to round this year off nicely, for both bands. What about next year?

“Well we record a full length album in January, and are yet to announce a tour that will come very close to that time. We hope to tour the UK a handful of times next year and maybe even hit up Europe. As for when the album will come out, I have no idea. We want to do everything properly with it, so it will take some mega preparation and hard work to both write and release!”

And finally, for all of those wondering, why the name?

“There’s no reason for the name really, I wanted to make something that sounded dark, and I was just jotting names down and PLASTIC was the first one that came to my mind.”

With exciting plans ahead and new music on the horizon, 2017 is set to be a memorable year for PLASTIC and an even stronger one for the local music scene. If you haven’t already, you really should get some PLASTIC into your life. You might not realise it, but they’re exactly what you need right now.


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