Nixon Tate & The Honey Club – ‘Wolf and Crane’ Single Review 

Everyone’s favourite bearded front guy Nixon Tate and his talented Honey Club, have done it again and this time, it’s in the form of ‘Wolf and Crane’.

The penultimate track in a six-single series, ‘Wolf and Crane’ isn’t quite as dark as their previous release ‘Honeytrap’. Think more ‘Dancehall Blues’ but with more of a jig to it and a cool middle breakdown.

There’s not one aspect of this track that doesn’t work. NT’s detailed lyrics provide you with the kind of imagery that only poems can summon, against a backdrop of wailing western style guitar and foot tapping drum rhythm. It’s infectious, nostalgic and it makes you want to get up and dance. And if that’s not enough, the feather-light harmonies and additional “ooooh’s” will have your heart fluttering for the rest of your days – or at last until you stop reaching for the replay button, which I doubt will be anytime soon.

Five of six singles down and Nixon Tate & The Honey Club are still producing music of the highest quality. I’ll be sad when there’s no more singles to look forward to each month, but I’m excited to see what their next move is. We all know it’s only going to be good.


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