Bayonet – ‘Weekend’ Single Review

Sheffield indie rockers Bayonet dropped their new single last month and it’s about to add a bit of sunshine to your cold Autumn days.

I’m ashamed to admit that ‘Weekend’ is my first encounter of Bayonet, a band that I know I should have been listening to a lot sooner. If like me you’re new to Bayonet, let me give you a quick round up of the band: Bayonet is made up of Lewis Cain and Vince Ringrose on lead vocals and guitars, Danny Higgins on bass and Sam Chapman on drums. Four northern gentlemen pushing out catchy rhythms and sing songy choruses – what could be better?

‘Weekend’ is an instant favourite. Packed full of summery guitar sounds, that make you fall instantly in love with the four piece, it’s a definite step up from previous singles ‘Everything’ and ‘Three Months’, giving Bayonet a strong foot forward in terms of band development and maturity. They’re still full of fun though, something that is strikingly obvious through the video that accompanies the track (link below).

Much like any band, guitars play a major role in creating Bayonet’s sound. But they aren’t just like any other band. Their ability to utilise the guitar in such a way, that makes it both stand out as a leading instrument, yet also lay low in the background, is as enchanting as the melody itself. Maybe that’s what makes them so likeable, or it could just be because they’re a quality band with a high quality sound.

Having had an extremely promising 2016 through performances at both Dot to Dot and Tramlines Festival, it appears that Bayonet are really beginning to fall into the place the they so rightly deserve to be. ‘Weekend’ has the potential to secure that, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see where they choose to take their sound next.

All eyes on Bayonet, the band you’re going to want to know.




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