Dirty Saint – ‘Monkey’ Single Review

It’s always exciting when I’m introduced to a new band and even more exciting when their music is high powered rock ‘n’ roll.

Dirty Saint are a four piece rock band on the rise. Beginning seven years ago in Aukland, New Zealand, with Manchester born lead singer Dave Gale and lead guitarist Tom Garcia, Dirty Saint have gone on to refine their sound and build a strong ever increasing fan base. The band recently signed to Venombase, who already manage a growing roster of artists including Sherry Counsellors, Circus Junkie Rebels and Nicola Jayne, and are set to get bigger and better.

Their brand new single ‘Monkey’ is more than just a great track. At first listen, you’ll notice the dirty guitar riff that plays between each verse and chorus, creating a signature stamp within the track to make it remain in the forefront of your mind. You’ll hear how ‘Monkey’ fights to be free from your speakers, remaining just as fidgety, fast paced and full throttle throughout. But once you’ve passed this, you’ll realise that this is a band who really know what they’re doing. Dirty Saint are a developed band with a clear idea of the sound they want to produce. Their tight guitar melodies, unfaltering drum and bass accompaniments and strong vocals, make ‘Monkey’ three minutes of refined musical bliss.

And if that’s not enough, the chorus is short and sweet, making it easy to hum but hard to get out of your head.

With upcoming gigs including a headline slot at the O2 Ritz in Manchester and Maida Vale, Sheffield, one thing is crystal clear – Dirty Saint are about to take the world by storm. You better be ready.






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