AVISO – ‘Clear The Air’ Single Review

Wandering around Alsager Music Festival on Saturday, led to me stumble across a band I was yet to hear. AVISO, a four-piece indie rock band from Chorley, opened the main stage on Saturday 9th July and absolutely killed it. Frontman Ashton Naylor’s vocal range was striking, sending shivers up spines and setting the standard for every other act to follow.

Their latest single ‘Clear The Air’ is Earth shatteringly good, making it the perfect track to play on a long drive out on an open road. Beginning with the distant strums of a guitar, ‘Clear The Air’ starts off as a very tame track, with each instrument making an entrance at different points in the first verse. It’s a largely understated opening to a song that has far more to offer than first meets the eye (or ear in this case) and as the verse rolls into the chorus, through a short sharp build up, it suddenly becomes clear why this band are destined for good things.

It’s the thump of the kick drum and the powerful electric guitar that hits you first, making you sit up in your seat in excitement. And then Naylor’s vocals hit you at full force, as he demonstrates his impressive vocal range that tears straight through the chorus. Every component snaps together, creating a catchy kick-ass chorus that makes it hard to believe that AVISO are still a relatively new band.

After a little bit of digging, I find AVISO’s debut single ‘Ignite The Stars’, released at the end of last year. It seems that the four Chorley boys have spent time developing the sound they want to produce, with ‘Clear The Air’ having a more solid feel to it.

‘Clear The Air’ manages to remain a thoroughly engaging and exciting single, right until the very end. It’s a spectacular second single from AVISO, who are certainly a band to keep an eye on in the coming months. If you like your indie rock, your powerful punchy choruses or your music loud, AVISO are your guys.


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