Hollie Haines – ‘Romeo’ Debut Single Review

Hollie Haines was a name I wasn’t familiar of. Originally from Cambridge, the 20 year-old Leeds College Of Music student has just released her debut single ‘Romeo’ and she’s keen to make a big impression. Universities are the breeding grounds for new bands and artists. You only have to take a brief look at your record collection to find the most successful ones; The Doors, R.E.M., Pink Floyd and Queen to name a small sample.

‘Romeo’ is a bold choice of a debut single, that carries a dark haunting rhythm conveyed by its skilful instrumentation. At first, you’re led to believe that you’re listening to a simple acoustic track, yet something about the overall sound doesn’t quite fit the ‘solo-acoustic’ mould. It’s clear that there’s more to ‘Romeo’ than meets the eye and when the acoustic guitar and cello drop out to a three second silence, it’s only a matter of time before the real ‘oomph’ hits you.

Picking up the pace, ‘Romeo’ continues to tell the story of a twisted two faced gentleman, who continues to alienate those around him without a second thought for the ones he hurts. This is a track written from personal experience, something that is evident through the sheer anger in Haines’ vocals. They stand out against the backdrop of the band and guide listeners through every detail. There’s even a chance to stamp out your anger as ‘Romeo’ enters its final stages, building up to a climatic ending that leaves you with a desire for more.

If this is her debut, then one can only imagine what else Hollie Haines has in store for listeners. Nevertheless, it’s clear that she’s an artist with great potential and ‘Romeo’ will definitely be at home amongst your other favourite tracks.


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