Parka Burns – ‘Champagne Charlie’ Single Review

Some tracks are made to be turned up and played, at the sort of volume that gets your drink overspilling and your neighbours banging on the wall in frustration. The brand new single from Parka Burns is definitely one of those, so be prepared for lots of spillages and an angry middle-aged man hammering your door down at 3am.

‘Champagne Charlie’ is the first taster of the brand new EP titled ‘Long Forgotten Nights’, coming our way very soon, from one of the loudest live bands I’ve come across.

Parka Burns have been working hard to push their sound further and with the addition of drummer Patrick Cain, the Parka Burns line-up seems complete – for now, at least.

‘Champagne Charlie’ has a rough and ready feel to it, brought about by a heavy, driving guitar rhythm that will have you reaching for your air guitar immediately.

Everything about this track screams “indie”, but in a way that so few seem to be able to deliver. Yes, you can hear their influences and idols creeping through certain areas of the track, but Parka Burns are their own sound. They’re not copies or replicas. They’re three guys who clearly love doing what they do.

Comparing this to the popular ‘Get On Yer Knees (& Pray)’, it’s clear to see their development. Cain has brought a lot to the Parka Burns sound, but vocalist Wizz Poyser and bassist Martin Hambleton have grown both as musicians and individual components to the band.

‘Champagne Charlie’ is just waiting to be your next favourite track and, if they’re not already, Parka Burns are soon to be your next favourite band.




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